Our Mission

Catholic Charities of Michigan, drawing upon the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, enhances the emotional, social and spiritual life of individuals and families of Michigan, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

Our Vision

Catholic Charities of Michigan will be an effective and recognized human service organization rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, which will strengthen the services of the member agencies…

  • by negotiating contracts on behalf of the member agencies;
  • by promoting collaborative planning and program activities for the people of Michigan;
  • by researching the needs of families and ways to address service gaps;
  • by advocating just and fair public social policy.


Adopted by CCM Task Force December 7, 1998

Catholic Social and Family Service agencies represent a network of care throughout the State of Michigan. While the current geographic distribution of agencies is clustered in the southern half of the lower peninsula, we believe that we can lay the foundations for an effective statewide association of Catholic sponsored agencies, organizations, parishes, and health care systems, to carry out the social mission of the Church in the changing world of today and tomorrow.

As an association, Catholic Charities of Michigan, Inc. will serve as a single business organization that will enable us to qualify for contract awards and thereby assure that we can continue to provide caregiving services to the members of our communities, especially those who are most vulnerable.

As Catholic organizations, we have a historical commitment to families, to being client-centered, to filling service gaps, and to advocating on behalf of others through active collaborations, we will pursue our commitment to those in need into the future.

We hope to establish a close working affiliation with the Michigan Catholic Conference, Catholic health care organizations, and parishes in order to strengthen our identity as a viable community-based service system.